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 #10787  by Sundar
 December 28th, 2013, 7:16 pm
An elevated corridor is set to be constructed connecting Goripalayam and Periyar bus terminal. The corridor is meant to improve traffic in the region.

Commenting on the sidelines of the project, an official with the highways department, said the technical committee of the highways department has approved a feasibility study of the project. The report will soon be tabled before the Madurai District Road Safety Council soon.

The highways department has completed the soil exploration process between Periyar bus terminal and Goripalayam and has started inviting tender to prepare a detail project report (DPR). The DPR will be ready by April, said the officer.

If the corridor comes up, traffic congestion in the area could reduce considerably. As of now, the stretch between Goripalayam and Periyar Bus Stand, a distance of 2.5 km, is one of the most congested in the city.

It is due to the fast growth of vehicular position in the district.

With the vehicle population in the city rising every minute, the infrastructure needs to be beefed up to prevent traffic congestion. At present, the city has 6.80 lakh of vehicles including 6.33 lakh of non-commercial (two wheelers, cars) and 47,000 commercial vehicles (bus, taxis). Of them, at least 60% of vehicles pass through Goripalayam and Periyar bus terminal as it is an important junction, said the transport department officials.

Madurai residents have welcomed the corridor project. "The forthcoming new corridor will definitely ease traffic movement in the city. Traffic congestion in the area is terribly time consuming," said M Karthikeyan (28) of Pudur. "The stretch from Goripalayam Devar statue to Madurai Railway Junction near Periyar Bus Stand takes just five minutes for a two-wheeler rider early hours and late hours of the day i.e before 7 am and after 10 pm. During the peak hour traffic, it takes 20 minutes to cross the stretch," he said.

As far as road safety activists are concerned, they said the administration has been slow to respond to the city's mounting traffic problems. "To avoid traffic jam, we had given the district authority a list of 11 places, where flyovers could be constructed. It has been eight years now but no action has been taken," said M Amanullah, president of citizen association for traffic improvement, Madurai. ... 027593.cms
 #10847  by Sundar
 January 6th, 2014, 10:19 am
The new parking lot of Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar temple is a hit among devotees, tourists and drivers. Unveiled a few weeks back, the facility at Ellis Nagar has ample parking space and provisions for drinking water and even cooking. Moreover, visitors can board dedicated buses that will take them to the historic temple.

About 20,000 tourists arrive at the new parking area in 200 tourist vehicles every day, said P Jayaraman, joint commissioner of Sri Meenakshi Amman temple. The temple's own new parking lot has enough space to receive 400 tourist vehicles at a time, he added.

Till a month back, the place was covered with bushes. The temple authorities had to overcome a legal battle before commencing work to build the parking lot. "The temple administration's move to provide parking facility for the devotees was challenged at the Madurai bench of the Madras high court. The Madurai Corporation licensee for the parking lot had filed a case. But the court passed order in our favour," said Jayaraman.

Drivers bringing tourists from across the state and neighbouring states have lauded the administration's efforts. "So far vehicle parking in Madurai was difficult as I have experienced in the last eight years. The new facility at Ellis Nagar is awesome. It has abundant space and only negligible fee is charged," said M Senthilkumar, a van driver from Chennai. "Parking charges in the city is between Rs120 to 150 and there is insufficient place," said R Rajeshkumar, another driver, who came with devotees from Villupuram.

Devotees too are all praise for the facility. Those who arrive here are guided by 10 staff deployed for the purpose by the temple administration and transport authorities. "Earlier, it was difficult to reach the temple. We spent Rs 100 for autorickshaws going to and fro. Now, I can reach the temple by paying Rs 20 for a trip on a government bus," said B Amsavalli, a 65-year-old devotee from Chennai.

Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation has allotted 10 special buses to pick up devotees from the parking place and drop them at the temple. They can return on these buses.

Volunteers of Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangam are at hand to offer food and medicine to needy devotees. Its 112 branches in Madurai have the responsibility to arrange free food at noon every day.

However, tourists have requested the district authority to improve toilet and lighting facilities at the parking lot. The joint commission has assured speedy action on this. ... 452978.cms
 #10848  by Sundar
 January 6th, 2014, 10:20 am
Crossing roads in Madurai city is not only a difficult task but also a risky proposition with pedestrians putting their lives in danger at several busy points. Though traffic police personnel are doing their best, getting across a road is a challenge in places like Mattuthavani, Goripalayam, Thamukkam, Simmakkal, Nelpettai, Periyar and Kalavasal.

Public and traffic police feel that either foot overbridge (FOB) or pedestrian subway should be constructed in some places. This will go a long way in cutting down on the irksome wait for vehicles to pass through before one can cross the road. Usually, vehicles stream on for a couple of minutes altogether, while walkers either stay put impatiently or make futile bids to dart across the road by risking themselves.

Moreover, FOBs and subways help in avoiding traffic congestion and ensure smooth flow of vehicles. It has been noted that on an average 50 two-wheelers, 25 autorickshaws, 15 cars and 5 buses could been seen zipping past the busy Goripalayam junction towards Simmakkal within a single minute. At the same time, about 50 people could be seen waiting to cross the road here. They could be spared the wait if an FOB or subway is built near the crossroads. The city roads lead to at least 50 junctions.

Yellappa Raj, the assistant commissioner of police (traffic), said FOBs will certainly help the pedestrians. "The traffic wing is taking all steps for safe pedestrian crossing. At least, two traffic police are deployed at important junctions in the city which has 50 of them. They have been directed to stop vehicles when the number of pedestrians gathered for road crossing is more than 10 and ensure they get across. Accordingly, vehicle movements are stopped every one to one-and-a-half minutes," Raj said.

Pointing out that such FOBs and subways are available in corporations like Chennai and Coimbatore, Anna Nagar resident S Kandavelan said, "The four-decade-old Madurai Municipal Corporation should ensure pedestrians' welfare, which is the second corporation in the state next to Chennai".

In Chennai pedestrian subways are seen near Marina Beach, Central railway station, Beach railway junction, etc. Besides, FOBs are found near Fort railway station and at several points on Old Mahabalipuram Road.

Regional transport officer K Kalyankumar said FOBs were suggested for some places in Madurai during the road safety meetings held in the past. "Only, the corporation can build them," he said.

In fact, a 13-year-old FOB built near Periyar bus stand was demolished last year by the corporation due to poor patronage by pedestrians. Then, it was built at a cost of Rs 30 lakh. However, the pedestrian subway in front of Government Rajaji Hospital, which was built by the initiative of Late Member of Parliament T Mohan a decade back, still exists, though it too is not utilized by many and it is locked by 6pm every day.

However, the authorities can ensure the proper utilisation of FOBs and subways for ensuring pedestrian safety and unhindered traffic movement, said road safety activists.
Post a comment ... 452915.cms
 #11073  by Sundar
 February 17th, 2014, 2:30 pm
Medians on the roads are constructed to help ease traffic, but on the contrary many of them hamper vehicle movement in the city.

New medians keep sprouting on several roads frequently and some of them are provided without proper planning, say commuters.

“Since last week, there is a new metal divider at Ayyar Bungalow junction. The divider is actually a disturbance and it poses a threat to the commuters at night. Taking turns at the junction has become extremely difficult because of the divider,” says K. Ravi, an auto driver.

Another newly installed median that has drawn criticism of the public is in the form of dividers in front of the railway station.

“Already, there were cement dividers in front of the railway station. Around a month ago new metal dividers were installed. Because of this there has been severe traffic congestion before the railway station. The road itself is very narrow and installing new dividers has in no way helped ensure free flow of traffic,” says S. Karthick, a doctor at Apollo Specialty Hospitals.

The road users are forced to take turns at the junction in front of Town Hall Road, which results in traffic jams, he adds.

“Something has to be done to avert collisions near Simmakkal bus stop. The barricades separating the road and the bus stop is a threat to two-wheeler riders who are caught unawares,” he adds.

On Panagal Road in front of Government Rajaji Hospital, the medians are installed in such a way that there is no opening in front of the emergency gate, points out Mr.Ravi. “Ambulances and other vehicles have to move further, take a turn and then reach the gate,” he says.

Expressing concern over the unplanned installation of dividers, P. Peter Nesakumar, another auto driver, says, “In many places the medians are constructed and demolished according to the whims and fancies of the authorities. Roads in Madurai are generally narrow and installation or construction of medians only has caused traffic congestion.”

“Unregulated movement of share autos and water tankers is one of the major reasons for traffic congestion. Metal barricades are at least easy to remove, but it takes a lot of effort, time and money to pull down the cement dividers,” he adds.

Another major concern the medians have caused among the public is the question of safety of the public in their construction.

“Wherever there are cement dividers, there are no reflectors. In several places there is no proper lighting. The dividers become a major threat at night,” says R. Rajalakshmi, a resident of Pudur.

“The dividers at several parts of Simmakkal serve no purpose at all. While the haphazardly parked two-wheelers occupy one side of the road, the dividers occupy the centre of the road, leaving very little space for vehicles. This result in frequent traffic jams,” she says.

“I also doubt if the authorities follow correct steps while installing the dividers or constructing the medians. In some parts of the city, the medians are less than one foot in height, whereas in a few parts they are high and towering,” she points out.

A police official in the traffic department, who requested anonymity, told The Hindu that some changes could be made on the placement of dividers in the city for free vehicular movement.

“In front of the Government Rajaji Hospital, the opening before the doctor’s entry could be closed and the dividers in front of the emergency gate could be opened. In front of the railway station, dividers could be placed before the Town-Hall Road-Thanga Regal Theatre junction and the vehicles could be asked to move further and take turns around the Kattabomman statue to ease traffic congestion at the junction,” says the official.

According to the official, medians were constructed at several places based on the suggestions of the public. “Accidents along the Periyar-Palanganatham road have been minimised to a large extent. Installing dividers in the stretch can bring down the number of accidents further. Medians on Madurai-Theni Road will also be useful. Instead of cement dividers, which occupy more space, metal dividers with advertisement boards would be appropriate,” he adds. ... 697786.ece
 #11365  by Jayvjay
 April 29th, 2014, 8:05 pm
So with Thevar statue as centre of locus , the bridge is going to built ... Imagine how the bridge will look during the poojai days every year :nono: Is DPR approved ..?
 #11369  by ananth
 April 30th, 2014, 1:49 pm
Jayvjay wrote:So with Thevar statue as centre of locus , the bridge is going to built ... Imagine how the bridge will look during the poojai days every year :nono: Is DPR approved ..?
Don't worry. The flyover will never come. If at all it comes up it will end up like the flyover in south Gate on the way to Airport. Always when it comes to Madurai, they will plan big and slowly reduce it to cut the cost. End result. U get a simple flyover. So many projects related to Madurai faced the same fate and I am highly confident same will happen here.

I hope I am wrong in this
 #11370  by ananth
 April 30th, 2014, 1:54 pm
sssrs wrote:a full flowing vaigai river in blue color looks very beautiful.
unfortunately such scenes are possible only in pictures and not in reality.
From MGR time there was a talk of diverting west flowing Kallar river in kerala to TN. Kerala never agreed. Eventhough on an average 75 TMC of water goes waste from Kallar river, TN wanted only 5 TMC. Kerala is not ready for that. If we are able to get the part of Kallar river water diverted to TN and Periyar Dam height increased to original level of 152 ft then we can see the full flowing vaigai again.

I was lucky enough on this issue. During my Madurai days, I had seen atleast 3 occasions vaigai river touching Yaanaikal, elephant statue which is at the starting point of Kal palam. On One occasion few people got struck in the centre mandapam of vaigai river. One helicopter met with accident when it tried to rescue the people who were struck in the mandapam roof.
 #11373  by Jayvjay
 April 30th, 2014, 4:00 pm
^^ I am lucky for only one time .Yes ! , during my school days , there was a flood in our Vaigai & overflowing . Those holidays were wonderful :) . Awesome days !!!

But now instead of water , the sewage is given a freeflow by our stupid corporation . I wonder what the city engineers , he(ll)alth officers are doing ... :bash: :bash: Even they are escaping from our high court ... TN govt wants Vaigai to be koovam-2 ... : firing:
 #11412  by ananth
 May 31st, 2014, 1:59 pm
Omnibus terminus in Madurai to start functioning from June 15

The Omnibus Terminus at Mattuthavani here would start functioning from June 15, Collector L. Subramanian said here on Friday.

A meeting was convened at the Collectorate where office-bearers of Madurai District Omnibus Operators and Owners Association met the Collector and Mayor V.V. Rajan Chellappa urging them to start operations soon from the omnibus terminus which was formally inaugurated nearly three months ago.

The terminus was constructed to decongest traffic around the Periyar bus stand which has been causing hardship to vehicle users and passengers.
Deadline fixed
Speaking on the sidelines of the meeting, Mr. Subramanian said that omni buses would not be allowed to enter the city after July 1. There are 66 omni bus operators operating buses to destinations such as Chennai, Bangalore, Puducherry, Hyderabad and cities in Kerala. “While there are 48 booking offices for operators at the new terminus, we have asked for the construction of 16 more. We have been informed that these offices are temporary and that there are plans for construction of a separate building with booking offices in the future,” A. Mydeen Basha, president of the association, said.

The terminus, which is spread across 14.5 acres, was inaugurated on February 12 by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa through video conferencing.

Built at a cost of Rs. 9.7 crore, the terminus has 18 bus bays. ... 069152.ece
 #11466  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 June 23rd, 2014, 1:17 pm
One of the busiest and finely laid State Highway Road of Madurai , the "Natham Road", is today in a deplorable condition. Indiscriminate and haphazard cutting of road at various intersections like the ones at DRO colony, Reserve lines etc , have badly damaged the roads making them dangerous for the plying two-wheelers. Besides , the Police Department have put up unauthorised rubber speed-breakers near the "Tamil-Jaya" theatre , and both the edges of the road from Deans colony to Yadava college are full of earthen mounds causing discomfort and danger to the traffic. will the State Highway swing into action and repair this crucial road , for the benefit of the public?
 #11472  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 June 25th, 2014, 10:00 am
we still do not see any signs of shifting of Omnibus services to the newly built Omnibus terminal at the Integrated bus terminus. As usual the MMC has plunged into deep slumber and inaction. we need some kind of initiative like PIL, mass petitioning or court condemnation. only then can we instigate the Bureaucratic machinery at corporation/ collectorate is time for action.
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