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All About Madurai's Rail, Road & Air Transportation
 #6155  by Sundar
 July 30th, 2012, 8:59 pm
Thank you guys. I will upload video of AirIndia's cochin flight which was taken on the inauguration day soon.
 #8179  by madurakarenda
 December 28th, 2012, 11:04 am
26th Dec, 2012, Me and Sundar sir went to the airport to spot Mihin Lanka flight. Now they had changed the flight landing to Parambupatti side and Taking off to Mandela nagar side.

Hence we headed to Parambupatti side to take clear pics.

We stopped Sundar's bike at a place and climbed over rocks to get a clear view :D

We saw the second DEL flight operated using VT-SPE. Pics as below.

Approaching the Tiruparankundram hillock.


In the backdrop of Tiruparankundram hillock. The TVS Hangar too could be seen.


Some structure at the airport really menaced the pics.


Getting ready for taking off. Mihin Lanka flight could be seen in the back ground.


Spice taking off.


We were waiting for Mihin to take off. At that time, CISF Police got information of two people's heads visible over the wall and they came in search of us and inquired us. :D

Mihin getting ready for taking off.


First ever international flight to Colombo stricken by a technical snag and standing nearby the old terminal.


Thats it for now folks.
 #8184  by ananth
 December 28th, 2012, 11:44 am
Thx Sundar sir & MK for the hardwork.

MK, landing at one end and taking off from the other etc are not fixed. Many times, my flight had landed at Ring Road end and had taken off also from the same. Same happened few times on TPK side also.
ATC's decide depending on wind direction, wind speed etc
 #8185  by Sundar
 December 28th, 2012, 12:48 pm
^^ Please don't call me 'sir'.

We decide to take photos from some new (unique) location and found this place. It is very close the compound wall. So that we got enquired by airport police.. When I explained our purpose, they understand our enthusiasm and advice us to leave the place immediately after flight take off.
 #10424  by Sundar
 November 3rd, 2013, 7:47 pm
Friends, I travelled with my family from Colombo To Madurai on 30th Oct. When I booked a month back this flight timing is 12:30pm. They changed this to 7.30am departure from Colombo.
The flight A320 is 100% full on this weekday & more than 75% are gulf working passengers. Good to find many Srilankan business people in this flight. Being a budget carrier they provided snacks, water for all & breakfast for my two kids.
After 15 years I landed in temple city directly from overseas. AAI must work fast to complete the following facilities.
1) They should provide aero bridge facilities for international passengers at least. I found difficulty to carry my two kids, laptop & handbag. Two buses are used twice to take all passengers.
2) There are 6 immigration counters opened to handle 180 passengers. But all are made to Queue up in one long queue. AAI should make 6 queues & one exclusive for women, family with children & elderly, sick people.
3) The belt is too small to accommodate 180 passengers luggage. At least for international flight they should change one belt to longer one. Currently Not more than 40 people can stand near belt to collect luggage.
4) AAI should fast bring a duty free shop inside terminal. Inside mihin flight almost 90% of passengers are buying their liquor in 50 minutes travel. The flight looks like a busy wine shop & four air host are busy to sell the liquor than serving passenger needs.

My dream of direct landing in IXM turned true now. Wish u a very happy Deepavali to all.
- Umahen

Hi All,

Happy Diwali to all. I traveled from KUL to IXM via CMB in Srilankan/Mihin Lanka Airways yesterday Nov 01 2013 with transit time of 2:45 hrs. Unlike Umahen Sir, In My first travel itself I have landed IXM directly from overseas :yes: ;)....

Obviously 100% patronage in my travel also. As Umahen Sir said, Most of the passengers were using this flight for their transit from Middle east, Far East and even from Mauritius (Person next to my seat came from Mauritius).

I had chat with one Guy coming from Kuwait to Ramnad, who had a transit time nearly 7 hrs at CMB. I asked him whether 7 hrs transit is convenient for in bound gulf passengers. He said,"People like me from Kuwait feeling comfortable for 7 hrs transit, so that we can have sufficient time to shop in CMB especially liquors which is strictly restricted in Kuwait" ...

And also I told him about IXM-DXB connection from Nov 22. But, He was already aware of that, as one of his friend from DXB told him that Spice Jet already started its advertisement for IXM-DXB connections there in DXB (Any members in DXB can share those AD please). But I could see no such advertisement like hoardings in Madurai.

There was a severe security checking in CMB which makes the flight to take off delay. At last flight took off at 1:00 PM. I was given a Mango Juice, Some biscuits, Before I could finish my Mango drink, Announcement came "We are about to land at Madurai". I thought myself "அதுக்குள்ளயா...:lol: "....We landed sharply at 1:35 PM at IXM. And it takes nearly 1:15 hrs to come out of terminal after immigration, baggage claiming, customs check etc etc/....As Umahen Sir said, Its time for AAI to increase manpower in IXM...And waiting for landing directly to IXM from KUL..... :Cheers:

Photos will be shared soon

Once again Happy Diwali to all....

Passengers waiting before Check in



Passengers boarding flight


Inside flight