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  • Help to upload and post Images

  • If you can't find help in FAQ. Just post your request here.
If you can't find help in FAQ. Just post your request here.
 #1263  by AwardCity
 November 1st, 2010, 5:57 pm
Welcome to the image uploading thread.

follow the following steps to quickly upload images into your post.
  • If you've got the image on your computer hard drive, then follow steps A to F
  • If you've got the URL of the image (eg. then proceed to step F
  • If you just want to learn how to show the image, then head to step E and see how the code is used in the message box.

A. If the image is located on your hard drive then go to

This is how the important portion of the website looks like:

B. Click on the Browse button and locate your image. If you wish to resize your image then click on the upload options/resizing >> link and select the desired height and width.

C. Next click on the upload now button.

D. Wait for the new page to load. The page should look like this -


E. Now copy the code that appears in the second line (written next to "Direct link" and surrounded by the green box) and paste it in the forum message box using the IMG tags like this -


And that's all there is to it! Hit the submit reply button at the bottom and see your image appear in your post.

F. If you found an image on another website/blog then please make it a habit to first imageshack it and then post it. This way there will be no external control on the image.
  • Copy the url of your image and go to
  • Select the url radiobutton (shown in the illustration below)
  • paste the url

  • After that please follow steps C to E.
Courtesy: IndiansUnite