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Dear Friends,

Starting a new business always overwhelms an entrepreneur. A new company starts up in the market with organization planning and capital and it is even more challenging to expand your business to a new dimension in the market and make it popular for the public. When you start a business you organize many activities that put your company on the road to success. Your organization makes business plans, marketing strategies to locate itself in the mind of the general public. Among all these activities you check list for the growth of your new company, one most important thing you should always add to it is protecting your business name or your brand name. Have you ever imagined if a competitor in the market immorally uses your name and drains away your company’s fame? If such things happen all your business strategies goes in vain. Protecting your business name through trademark registration in an early stage is the best way to get legal shell to your brand.

For trademark registration your business name should be distinctive and not similar to any existing business name in the market. It is very obvious that when you start up with your company you must have chosen the best name for your new company which is distinctive and creates a good impression for your business, then why not you go ahead and file for a trademark registration. World’s top companies like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo have already registered their business name then why not you. With your innovations and idea you have started up your company and your company is known to the public by its name, so imagine how important it is to protect your business name and to get legal rights and remedies over your business name or your brand.

You can count on the importance of trademark registration as follows:

Trademark Registration gives you an exclusive legal right on your business name.
Trademark Registration protects your business name and gives remedy in the court in case of any infringement made by a third party.
A registered trademark creates a sound name in the market in the eye of a general public.
A registered trademark creates a face value in the market among competitors
A registered trademark gives a legal recognition to your business for its product.
A registered trademark gives to a monopoly business name or brand name to your business in the market.

If you think trademark registration is a tedious job than you are in a wrong notion. It is just a matter of 24 hours to file and get a TM superscript to your name which mean that your trademark application in under to process of registration under trademark registry. You can keep a check on the further process of your trademark application till it get registered when you can superscript ®, through online status of your application. The government fee is also very reasonable. It is always advisable to take assistance of a trademark agent/attorney because they can take further care of the process of your trademark application. A director of your company can apply for the trademark registration representing the company which has a principle place of business.

With all these said and done you would have the extra cover for protecting you new born and upcoming business from the sharks in the market.

Intepat IP Services Pvt Ltd,
20/5, DD Road, Arapalayam,
Madurai - 625016,,
Mob: 9894697610

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