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INOX @ Vishaal De Mall
 #9083  by Sundar
 March 29th, 2013, 8:35 am
The district collector and chairman of local planning authority (LPA) AnshulMishra has submitted his report through additional advocate general K. Chellapandian

to the Madurai bench of the Madras high court in connection with a case related to Vishall De Mall, a multi-storied building with shopping complex and multiplex theatres, which has allegedly violated the norms.

In his report, the collector told the court that parking facility at the mall is highly insufficient at present and the requirement for sufficient open space for free movement of persons and vehicle and space required to facilitate rescue operation in times of emergency is likely to be highly unsatisfactory.

The collector also stated in his report that the planning and building permission were granted by the Madurai corporation to the multi-storied building in violation of rules and action is being taken to cancel the same.

According to the earlier directions passed by a division bench comprising Justices Chitra Venkataraman and S Vimala on March 7 in appeal preferred by collector, Mishra conducted a joint inspection along with officials of the public works department (PWD), local planning authority, fire and rescue services, traffic police and Madurai corporation at the building on March 9 and filed his report before the bench when the matter came up for further hearing.

The collector's report stated that according to norms of the development control rules, the building should accommodate 283 four-wheelers whereas only 65 four-wheelers can be accommodated.

"To ascertain the ground reality, random inspection was conducted by the road transport officer, tasildar and sub-inspector of police on March 24, in which 253 two-wheelers and 13 cars of persons who came to the mall were found parked in the nearby building due to the non-availability of parking facility. If theatres are allowed to run, then an additional 350 two-wheelers and 53 four-wheelers are expected," the collector said.

Besides, the PWD is not able to point out anything about the proposed steel structure staircases will be able to withstand heavy fire for minimum two hours and function as a safe escape route for panic-stricken people.

"The management's proposed staircase is definitely going to eat into the meagrely available open space. No evacuation and rescue operation can be free of dangers, if public buildings do not have the requisite open spaces," the collector said.

The LPA claimed that the building was constructed without proper application and without obtaining permission of the director of town and country planning. Thereby, the collector on October 8 last year passed order denying licence for operating five theatres by INOX Leisure at the fifth and sixth floors of multi storied Vishaal-de-Mall here citing many grounds including lack of fire safety measures, endangering the life and security of public visiting the complex.

When the matter was taken by the Vishal promoters'chairman R. Ilankovan to the court, the single judge R. Subbiah passed orders on January 18 by allowing the petition on the grounds that the permission granted by the Madurai Corporation is valid till it is set at naught in the manner prescribed by law. However, the Justice also observed that if there is any violation of the building permission, the authority is at liberty to set right the same.

Aggrieving over it, appeal was preferred by the collector. ... 268713.cms
 #9109  by madurakarenda
 March 31st, 2013, 10:36 am
Looks like Minipriya and Sugapriya have 895 seats in total.

The below document was released by them in their facebook page.


Two more screens are in the making.

Do anybody know the status?
 #9171  by Modern Vampire
 April 4th, 2013, 12:28 pm
Tamil jaya is also got eqipped with dolby 7.1....i found a very poor sound efect in tamil jaya when i saw kanna l.t.a movie @ there....but after this arival i thnk it ll be more intrestng to watch there.its the best family talkies in madurai to me.
 #9624  by rpandidurai
 July 5th, 2013, 12:47 pm
Priya Enterplex's website is now online.

but still its not full functioning, but anyway it's hpy to see :clap: , Our City theaters first own website for online booking... :clap:
like their steps toward next level...
 #9734  by Sundar
 July 12th, 2013, 2:26 pm
கூடுதல் கட்டணத்திற்கு டிக்கெட்டுகள் விற்பனை செய்ததது தொடர்பாக வந்த புகாரை தொடர்ந்து 7 தியேட்டர்களில் அதிகாரிகள் அதிரடி சோதனை செய்தனர். கலெக்டர் சுப்பிரமணியன் உத்தரவின் பேரில் இந்த நடவடிக்கை மேற்கொள்ளப்பட்டது.

பேஸ்புக் புகார்கள்

மதுரை மாநகரில் உள்ள தியேட்டர்களில், புதிய திரைப்படங்கள் திரையிடும்போது, அதிக விலைக்கு கட்டணங்கள் வசூலிக்கப்படுவதாக கலெக்டரின் பேஸ்புக் முகவரியில் ஏராளமானோர் தொடர்ந்து புகார்கள் கொடுத்த வண்ணம் இருந்தனர்.

எனவே இந்த புகார்கள் மீது நடவடிக்கை எடுக்க கலெக்டர் சுப்பிரமணியன் உத்தரவிட்டார். மேலும் இதற்காக ஒரு தனிப்படை ஒன்றையும் அமைத்தார்.

7 தியேட்டர்கள்

மதுரை வருவாய் கோட்டாட்சியர் சு.ஆறுமுகம் தலைமையில் அமைக்கப்பட்ட இந்த தனிப்படையில் தாசில்தார்கள் கங்காதரன், முத்துராமலிங்கம், வீரராகவன், ராமையா மற்றும் ராஜு ஆகியோர் இடம் பெற்றனர்.

இவர்கள் நகரின் முக்கிய பகுதிகளில் உள்ள 7 தியேட்டர்களில் அதிரடி சோதனை மேற்கொண்டனர். அப்போது சில தியேட்டர்களில் அரசால் நிர்ணயிக்கப்பட்ட கட்டணத்தைக் காட்டிலும் அதிக விலைக்கு நுழைவுச் சீட்டு வழங்கப்பட்டுள்ளது தெரியவந்தது. இதைத்தொடர்ந்து அந்த தியேட்டர்கள் மீது கடும் நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்பட உள்ளது.


மேலும் இது போன்ற சோதனை அடிக்கடி நடத்தப்படும் என்றும், எனவே தியேட்டர் உரிமையாளர்கள் அரசு நிர்ணயித்த விலையை விட கூடுதல் விலைக்கு டிக்கெட் விற்பனை செய்தால் சட்டப்படி நடவடிக்கை எடுக்கப்படும் என்றும் கலெக்டர் சுப்பிரமணியன் எச்சரிக்கை செய்துள்ளார்.
 #9736  by madurakarenda
 July 12th, 2013, 2:50 pm
^^ Hope he continues this as Madurai people are enjoying nominal ticket fares for watching movies due to the effort of ex-Collector Anshul Mishra.
 #9757  by Sundar
 July 18th, 2013, 9:48 am
The Madras High Court Bench here on Wednesday directed the Madurai Collector to consider the application of Vishaal Promoters, who had sought licence for operating five movie theatres by INOX Leisure at Vishaal-de-Mall, after the suggestions made by the Fire and Rescue Services Department were implemented in the mall.

Vishaal Promoters had entered into an agreement with INOX Leisure to operate the movie theatres on the fifth and sixth floors of the mall.

A division bench comprising Justices N. Paul Vasanthakumar and P. Devadoss issued the direction while disposing of an appeal filed by the Collector, challenging a single judge’s order directing the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to provide license to operate the movie theatres in the mall.

In his petition, the Collector had submitted that the LPA had rejected the application for a license to operate the movie theatres as the infrastructure to facilitate rescue operations at the mall during emergencies was ‘highly unsatisfactory.’ According to the Collector, the parking area was sufficient to accommodate the vehicles of the visitors to the shopping complex, but not to the theatres. In case of a fire, fire safety vehicles cannot enter the mall premises because there was inadequate space, he claimed.

Based on the directions of the court, the Superintending Engineer (Fire and Rescue Services) inspected the mall and submitted a report indicating that construction of two additional stairways would facilitate evacuation during emergency. The basement should be modified to enable free flow of vehicles, the report said.

The chairman of Vishaal promoters submitted an undertaking to act upon those suggestions. “In the light of the report submitted by the Superintending Engineer and the undertaking of the chairman of the mall, the appeal is disposed of with liberty to the mall proprietors to act upon the suggestions made by the officials,” the judges held in their order.

They directed the chairman of Vishaal Promoters to submit a compliance report to the Collector after making the suggested modifications at the mall. “The Collector is directed to inspect the multi-storeyed mall and pass fresh orders on the application seeking permission to operate the theatres,” the judges ruled. ... 926701.ece
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