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 #7344  by Sundar
 October 22nd, 2012, 11:55 am
AwardCity wrote:^^ Thank you Sundar

I thought you would mute or delete discussion about RTI (SpiceJet) but didn't. :D
Kumar, I too thought to delete those part of the discussion, but its not fair. Everybody is having rights to know the facts; that's what RTI rule is talking about. Also, we can't keep this secret for long time as we already exposed with many people and organisation like TNCCI, Travel Club etc.,
 #8391  by Madurai Gilli
 January 21st, 2013, 11:08 am

We have an idea to be Volunteer for "Maamadurai Potruvom" Celebrations, scheduled next month.

Selvam Ramaswamy sir (FB) and Karthick Rajasekar (Maduraiguy) had already initiated some steps to incorporate our (AAM) Forum in the event and need Volunteers to represent AAM in "Maamadurai Potruvom" Celebrations..We can help the organisers in organising the function & by giving any valuable inputs/participations.

Interested people can make comments here so that we can form a group on behalf of AAM, meet on coming Saturday (26/01/13) and move further, to help hosting the "Maamadurai Potruvom" in grand & Successful manner.

Seniors & Madurai well-wishers can suggest us new ideas so that we can take it to the organising team.

 #10109  by Madurai Gilli
 August 27th, 2013, 4:54 pm
Dear Friends,

In the month of Feb'13, Myself, Sundar, Karthick (Maduraiguy) and my friend Selvam Ramasamy met our, the then, Collector Mr.Ansul Mishra IAS,in a special appointment, at Collector's Bungalow at New natham road regarding our idea of forming a new society, on behalf of SSC-Madurai & AAM.

That time, Our hon. Collector suggested us to consider, a specific & catchy name for our proposed Society, which must reflect our actual activities i.e Mission,Vision & Objectives. Also he suggested us to stick with few objectives and not to complicate it, infusing many.

His other suggestion for us is to test ourselves, our capability, before getting into legal registration i.e He wanted us to take one of our objective as our experimenting project and wanted to see how we collect funds, organise, plan and execute it. He was very much interested in supporting us and even promised to help us in getting permission from local authorities, if we plan one.

After that We met several times and discussed on its possibility, but, unfortunately, as I quoted earlier, We have a very big difficulty that we don't have enough field members to support physically, as most of us including me are far away from Madurai, We were forced to postpone our idea of experimenting his suggestions, in testing our capability.

Time was running and as expected, he got transferred to Chennai all-of-a-sudden, for the only reason, he became more close to Public and Madurai people started loving him for the wonderful transition, he brought in Madurai by his brave actions. Our favourable Collector has gone but our proposal & his suggestions for the same are with us..!

We must do several things before getting into the bigger task :

1. A Grand (by means of attendance) Get-together at Madurai, for which maximum number of our forumers (SSC & AAM) here must ensure their attendance. I can bring in more like-minded friends from Social network & external forums.

* It must be an oppurtunity for everyone of us to be more familiar with each other.

* We must maintain a record, in which the contact details of people, who attended the get together can be maintained with one of us.

* Our AAM Celebration for our First International flight was the biggest-ever get-together that we organised so far..It brought us many new faces and over 50 people attended that function.

2. Before going for registration, We must experiment our capability ourselves, as suggested by our beloved Collector..We can look into the possibility of planning & executing one simple project that sticks with our objectives of proposed Society..It will give us new experience, new Contacts and new Confidence for going for a bigger task, next time.

3. We need not keep this thread dead, till a news for our initiative comes..We can utilise this thread to express our own ideas,opinions & suggestions for the proposed Society. Firstly to concentrate, again back to the Square-1 :

a) Suggest a Catchy, at the same time, meaningful name for our proposed society which must reflect its objectives, Mission & Vision.
----( Awareness Association of Madurai is nomore )

Few ex :

- Siruthuli - Coimbatore
- Namma Madurai etc.

We need not stick with the abbreviation AAM...Though we were already known to Important people in Madurai by the name,AAM, It's not a problem and We can redefine our identity with our Society registration.

b) Suggest the Objectives for our proposed Society..Kindly don't complicate it by infusing multiple objectives from different categories.

With the Current Situation, It will take time to materialise, but that laggard should not stop us from constructing a strong base for our proposal. Let us be more clear on what we're to do, for our Madurai.

Move On..Cheers :cheers: - Gilli.
 #10521  by Madurai Gilli
 November 24th, 2013, 8:45 pm

Madurai Railway Division is conducting a CLEANLINESS-DRIVE at Madurai railway Junction on 30/11/13 (Saturday), morning 9:00 am.

Friends who're available in Madurai & interested in volunteering for the Social activity, can contact me & participate, representing our AAM.
Place : Madurai City Railway Junction
Date : 30-11-13 (Saturday)
Time : 9:00 am, Morning
Friends can PM me here (or) contact me personally by mailing me at (or) by phone/SMS.
 #13568  by sivaji
 October 15th, 2017, 3:25 pm
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