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All About Madurai's Government Projects , IT Parks and Companies, Industries etc.,
 #7183  by Madurai Gilli
 October 11th, 2012, 7:29 pm
After 2 years crossing so many struggles, when our longing for International flights get a big full-stop with our collective efforts, We're getting a huge Support both physically and financially for our attempt to look back on forming a NGO. I must thank every contributors for the wonderful support, without which we mayn't have succeeded now, in taking our forums to the next level.

Participating only in online will not help us anymore.We wish all the like-minded people join us and make our NGO strong for the longer run. Hope to see many new faces this time.

"Awareness Association of Madurai" - a NGO formed by All About Madurai and Skyscrapercity-Madurai Forums, to Constantly strive for the Better Infrastructure of Madurai and Southern Tamilnadu.

Here is our Invitation for our Kick-starting event :


Uploaded with


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:dance1: 8-)

This thread is dedicated for our NGO activities and issues related with it.
 #7196  by Sundar
 October 12th, 2012, 10:28 am
AwardCity wrote:^^ I am from Virudhunagar. I don't have direct relationship with Madurai. But I am going to attend this meeting. :)
You are most welcomed!
 #7238  by Madurai Gilli
 October 15th, 2012, 11:18 am
Dear Friends,

We'd successfully hosted our First event of AAM, with main purpose of expressing our demands to take our IXM to next level.

Sundar Megaraj :

I've no words to thank our Sundar sir who spared his business time and concentrated on organising the function with me. It may be an easy job for students like me/MK but for a settled family man like our Sundar sir, It shows his passion towards Madurai..Even I can't comment on how I will be after I settled in my life in few years, but Sundar is an example for all youngsters here. Commitment without any expectations - really that's great.. :thanks:

Saravanakumaran(MK) & Vijay :

MK is as usual and he doesn't need any words from me - He has already a huge Fanbase here in our forums..:) Introduction on AAM was done by MK and It will be in history of AAM forever that he's our first speaker.

Vijay - Unexpectedly & Surprisingly joined our team at last minute. He was most wanted by Sundar,myself and Lenin for the past 4-5 months.He returned from foriegn trip after finishing his romance with foriegn girl:lol: and joined us exactly 3 days before the event.

Everyone knows, he is Kutty Ramana:lol: with datas up-to-date in his fingertips.Every guests and the even the hotel manager was surprised to see him, hunting with his datas.The presentation was very informative to everyone and our main purpose of hosting this function was fulfilled by the explanations given by Vijay and Sundar sir when our guests raised their doubts over BASA and other issues.

Thanks to MK and Vijay for their mesmerising presentations..:)

Mustafa :

When SG announced it officially, Mustafa came to my house at Chennai and we celebrated it in a local hotel. After that, when we planned for our AAM Function , both of us met atleast 4-5 times and discussing on the statistical presentations to do in our function.

I was wondering on seeing the data collections of Mustafa..He has done a magic with his numbers and graphs that mesmerised everyone in the function.
He's not just Blah..Blah but a magic wala. Hats off to his hardwork. :thumbup:

Joshua, Sankar & Shyam :

We met Sankar for the first time.He gave great company to our guys in the hotel for preparing the presentations. Joshua & Shyam's physical co-operation in organising the event was marvellous, be it in recieving the guests (or) sharing our works. Special thanks to Sankar & Shyam who all the way came from CBE & BLR, just for attending the event.

Abilaash : - First timer in our function.I am very glad when he said "Gilli, I came all the way to Madurai, just to attend our function".He returned to his work place, immediately after the function is over.Thanks Abi.

Karthick (Maduraiguy) : - Also a First timer.He's very happy to be part of us and interested to join our NGO. Thanks Karthick.

Athisaravanan : One of the few seniors we have in our forum.First time, I am meeting him. He accompanied Sundar and myself to invite the guests directly. Thanks athi sir - a Typical Madurai man..!! I cannot forget the funny moments in rain,when we stand helplesss on the way to airport...:lol:

and many new comers like Rajesh,Rajkumar,Nagoor Yasin etc..- sorry If I had left out any names (not deliberately).

FB-AAM Seniors:

* Madhurakaran Karthikeyan
* Viggie Balakrishnan
- Both of them are the silent followers of our SSC & AAM Forums.

* Selvam Ramasamy
* Shivaprakasham
- Very glad to have all the seniors in our function, out of their busy schedules.That proves their passion for Madurai.Everyone was happy to see AAM taking shape as a NGO and assured their support.

Karthikeyan sir's collection on Olden Madurai was compiled by me and made into slideshow, which was projected in the leisure time.It was in talks for longtime among our guests.

First is the Best :

The first VIP I invited for our function is Mr.Ramanathan Sivaraja, president of SIDA, Founder of Nativelead foundation and Officebearer at CII-Madurai.

He accepted my invitation and assured that he noted down in his schedules and will definitely attend our function.That was very encouraging.He is the man, striving hard to encourage entreprueners of Madurai. I cannot thank him just with words, but with our NGO, on which he has more expectations.

TNCCI Mr.Rethinavelu & Mr.Jagadeesan (Sr.president & President) and Mr.G.Vasudevan (Travel club-past president) were invited by Sundar sir.We must thank them all for encouraging us with their presence and spending one evening in listening to our demands.

Mr.BSG.Mustafa (President-Travel club) and Mr.Balaji ramanan(SG IXM manager) was invited by me and I feel very grateful to them for accepting my invitation and encouraging us with their presence. Mihin lanka manager was supposed to come but couldn't made it at the last moment.

Overall, our purpose of hosting this function has gained a meaning. Now, our forums have special place in the hearts of the stakeholders. It's assured that they will definitely mingle with us before taking any initiatives on our airport developments. Certain things cannot be shared in the public forums... :)

At last, I thank the sponsors who gave us the guts to organise such grand function, by supporting us financially.Our heartful thanks to :

* George raja
* Sastha Venkatachalam
* Jagadeesh
* Ananth
* Madurai
* Ram
* Ilikemadurai (Shreevatsan)
* Ceeznic pirate (Arun)
* Abilaash
* mdu_raja (Raja)
* Umahen
* Kumaran
* Athisaravanan

(Sorry If I'd left out any names...not intentional)

Waiting to see the videos of the function...Sundar sir, Pls make it fast !! :cheers:

Let me send a Balance sheet to all the sponsors and It's to note that I have still little money left which we will use for registration purposes. Suggestions on the same are also welcomed.
 #7239  by Sundar
 October 15th, 2012, 11:28 am
Dear Friends,

First up all, I want to thank everyone who came and participated in the meeting. Even in their busy schedule, they made their presence in the meeting. Many came from Chennai, Bangalore, Sivakasi, Virudhunagar, Trichy & Coimbatore. Without your support our meeting can’t be successful one.

A special thanks to Mr.Mahendra Varman for his hard effort which he put from right beginning to the end. Not only he did his part but also reminded others agenda at the right time. I wonder how he had everything in his memory. He wants everything perfect.

Secondly, I have to thank Mr.Vijay. He was not in our contact for a long time but he rightly came back when we needed. Contribution from Mr.Saravanakumar and statistical data by Mr.Mustafa (about Madurai Airport) makes Mr.Vijay easy to prepare the wonderful presentation which was submitted in the meet. As usual Mr.Vijay rocked with his presentation.

Thirdly, I would like to thank our volunteers Mr.Athi Saravanan, Mr.Saravanakumar, Mr.Jousha, Mr.Shayam and Mr.Sankar. They made my mind free to focus on guest and agenda.

Also I would like to thank our senior members, Mr.Sriram, Mr.Sastha Venkatachalam, Mr.Ananth, Mr.Ram, Mrs. Lalitha & Mr.Mahen for their needful advice which makes this event useful for our guests and members.

Last but not least, I want to thank our members who contributed financially for this wonderful event. We can’t imagine such an event without their financial support.

Please accept my sincere apologies if missed to name you in the above list.

 #7241  by Sundar
 October 15th, 2012, 1:13 pm
Madurai Gilli wrote: I cannot forget the funny moments in rain,when we stand helplesss on the way to airport.
It was funny dangerous moment... I thought we can't get my car out of that sludge. :crazy:
Thanks to the farmers who helped us like god!
 #7282  by Madurai Gilli
 October 17th, 2012, 11:22 am

Let us use this page for getting inputs/opinions towards any development projects of Madurai (or) Southern tamilnadu.

Awareness Association of Madurai will be striving hard for the Better Infrastructure of not only Madurai, but to entire Southern Tamilnadu.

Valuable inputs will be filed and taken to the concerned authorities by our NGO at right time.

You can also mail us your ideas to (or) to MK at