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 #12678  by MAHALINGAM
 December 30th, 2016, 10:00 am ... le16958551

If you are a real cheesemonger, then head to Madurai’s first and only exclusive store, Cheese Corner that stocks the popular Kodai Cheese

If you happen to walk through Vallabai Road in Chokkikulam, make sure to look inside the newly opened shop called the Cheese Corner. It is the new and the best destination for the big time cheese lovers who relish any opportunity to consume the jewel-like beauties despite their often hefty price tag. It is good news for all of them because they no longer need to go beyond their city limits to shop cheese.

To gourmet lovers, it is not the price that matters, says Arun Vijaay Malli, the proprietor of AV Malli Investments who has taken the distributorship of Kodai Cheese in Madurai and set up the new store. “It is the quality of the product people consume that matters and when the taste of the product matches their own taste, they do not mind paying more,” he adds.

Himself a fan of the Kodaikanal-based 45 years old brand “Kodai Cheese”, it was Arun’s decision to open the outlet for the benefit of local cheese connoisseurs. “I know so many people in Madurai who go all the way to Chennai or Kodaikanal to purchase cheese and stock it at home for weeks,” he points out, adding, “now they will get fresh and their favourite cheese by just walking in here.”

“The city also gets lots of tourists from abroad who scout for cheese from accredited makers and wish to buy in small amounts to eat it sooner,” chips in his wife, Vivitha, “and this store will cater to their needs as well.”

Just about a month old, Cheese Corner has attracted mostly the couple’s friends and acquaintances from the city. “We want to see how fast and regularly the stock moves and will grow big with publicity gradually,” says Arun.

When it comes to cheese, it is commonly said that usually the eyes get bigger than the stomachs. The soft, hard, wet, bloomy, wet, wine-soaked, olive oil-rubbed, sometimes stinky but delicious on the taste buds and all sorts of peppers, herbs and spices meld into the rind of the mixed milk cheese are often proprietary recipes cave aged by masters. And Kodaikanal’s famous family of G.S.Mani and his son Harisanker over the decades have created their own brand and identity with their special range.

At Cheese Corner, Arun stocks 30 varieties of Kodai Cheese, that are transported fresh from the manufacturer’s factory in Batlagundu on as-and-when required basis. Whether you are a soft cheese, blue cheese or cheddar fan, anytime is a good for cheese for dinner parties, birthdays, working lunch or home alone. Only the hardest part about shopping for cheeses is to decide which ones to get and how much.

To help his customers, Arun has come out with nice hanging pamphlets that impart information about the nutritional value and health benefits of Kodai Cheddar, Parmesan, Feta, Cambrie, Blue and Mozarella cheeses and also how they can be used or eaten and their shelf life.

“With this store here now, a lot more locals will now be willing to launch themselves on a cheese experiment,” he says, “and these tidbits will help them to experience the delectable feeling of dining on cheese.”

To ring in cheer and make the experience even more mouth-watering, Arun is also planning to start a dining room soon and offer a range of the signature cheese on the table with sandwiches, soups and rusks and other gooey appetisers.

Happy to give his hometown the finest collection of unadulterated cheese, Arun and Vivitha hope accolades will keep piling up with time.

Did we hear you say Cheese?

The cheese celebrities to look for:

Don’t miss the dense and intense Cambrie, Bocconcini, Edam or Emmental , Gruyere or Mascarpone Cheese

The others you will love include Buffalo Mozarella, Colbt Cheddar, Pepper or red chilli gouda, Goat or feta cheese.

Falvours available in different types of cheese include basil, cumin, farlic, mustard, soked, green and red chilli.


“Kodai Cheese with a quality-centric approach is now extending its boutique niche portfolio of cheese into Madurai as a unique opportunity for foreign tourists and locals to enjoy new flavours. The Temple Town is the closest from our production unit with conscious customers looking for a healthy quality choice. The market is ready at this juncture as people are travelling and looking for diet options like feta in salads, quality nutrition made from quality raw materials. It is an exciting opportunity for us and we are happy to be exploring” -- Harisanker
 #13012  by MAHALINGAM
 March 20th, 2017, 8:27 am

The Madurai RPO has issued a little over one million fresh booklets in the last nine years. Now, it has added another feather on its cap.

In the medium category of tier II cities, Madurai stands second in the country for issuing highest number of passports. Jalandar stands first and Vishakapatnam is third.

http// ... 534707.ece
 #13016  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 March 20th, 2017, 10:02 pm
great, thanks for bringing the heartening news. hpe this translates into more destinations being added from Madurai airport.
 #13018  by MAHALINGAM
 March 21st, 2017, 7:05 am
Human chain to mark World Sparrow Day

As part of World Sparrow Day, observed on March 20 every year to raise awareness of house sparrows and threats to their population due to rapid urbanisation, hundreds of students of The American College took part in a human chain formation here on MondayThe students wore masks carrying images of house sparrows, held placards and raised slogans, stressing the importance of protecting the habitats of house sparrows.

Inaugurating the human chain, M. Davamani Christober, Principal, appealed to the youngsters to have artificial nests in their houses for sparrows. He also highlighted the importance of keeping water in small bowls in houses for the sparrows and other birds in summer.


M. Rajesh, secretary of Green Club at the college, said the population of house sparrows had been dwindling rapidly in urban areas. Citing a survey conducted in 22 areas in Madurai, he said only four had more than 100 sparrows while the remaining had only 20 to 30 sparrows. ... 548893.ece
 #13020  by Sundar
 March 21st, 2017, 3:14 pm
Innovative idea at Meenakshi Temple

 #13072  by MAHALINGAM
 March 29th, 2017, 7:24 am
MADURAI: Nature enthusiasts on an eco trip to Vellimalai - 15 kms away from the city - were in for a shock on Sunday as the Kadamba Maram (Neolamarckia cadamba) recorded in the area and estimated to be over 50 years old was found chopped and smuggled out.

Once found in plenty, Madurai was once known as Kadamba Vanam (Kadamba grove) and it is the the sacred tree of Meenakshi temple. But this indigenous species, known as bur-flower tree, has disappeared over the period from the region and is now limited to Alagarkoil hills. Two trees are left in the area like the one inside the Meenakshi temple and the other at Sri Meenakshi Government College for Women.

The Kadamba tree in Vellimalai area was found when Nanal Nanbargal, an environment organization in the city, undertook a survey to record flora and fauna of the district during 2014, said S Baburaj, retired Associate Professor of Botany. "Once plenty in Madurai, it is rare to spot the tree now and it was sad to see that miscreants had left just the stump", he said. According to him, the tree was well grown and could have been 50 years old.

On Sunday, members attending Eco-Media & WaSH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) Science Communication programme organised by Department of Communication, Madurai Kamaraj University, went on a field visit to Vellimalai and found the tree missing. "We had taken the participants of the programme to show them the Kadamba Maram Madurai is famous for. But we found to our shock that the tree had been chopped off", said Associate Professor of the Department, S Nagarathinam.

A sacred grove near Idayapatti, Vellimalai is not a protected forest area though it is a shrub jungle in nature with its own eco-system. For instance, the slender loris, a small nocturnal primate, is found in good number in this area. Once spread on 460 acres, it has shrunk to 110 acres at present after government allotted the land for setting up ITBP (Indo-Tibetan Border Police) and CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) camps in the area.

Across India, there are 50,000 such sacred groves out of which 448 are in Tamil Nadu, says M Tamildasan of Nanal Nanbargal. "These sacred groves have been taken care of by the villagers whose family members who take turns to patrol the area. After military establishments came up in the area, the villagers abandoned the old practice. Since the area is government land and not protected by forest department, there is little protection to this grove at present", he stated.

The sacred tree

Kadamba maram or bur-flower tree is an evergreen tropical tree native of South and South East Asia

A fully matured tree can reach up to 148 feet and it has handsome foliage

The fruit and inflorescences are edible and leaves make good fodder for cattle

Timber is a softwood ideal for plywood, pulp for paper, boxes and furniture components

In Hindu mythology, the tree is sacred as it is attached to Lord Krishna in North India while it is associated to Goddess Parvati in South ... 845088.cms
 #13080  by Sundar
 March 29th, 2017, 12:34 pm
Madurai Corporation's "Smart City Logo contest" received over 200 entries from all over the state. The public are requested to vote for the top 3 logos by selecting from the below options.

The voting will close on 30/3/2017.
 #13093  by Sundar
 March 31st, 2017, 5:46 pm
The name ‘Happy Street’ evokes positive feeling and Madurai is preparing to bring it on

Come this Sunday and the Anna Nagar Main Road will turn into traffic-free playground for three hours beginning 6 a.m. The Madurai Corporation is all set to give the residents a different experience of streets as safe place for fun and relaxed gathering.

“Streets are a city’s largest public space but we are so used to,” says Sandeep Nanduri, the Corporation Commissioner, “seeing them as congested places.” “The aim is to keep all vehicles out and allow the public in,” he adds.

The Happy Street concept is not new. Several cities across India including Kolkata, Pune, Thane, Ahmedabad have been successfully implementing it while places like Chennai and Coimbatore have introduced car-free Sundays. This is the first such initiative in Madurai. And the Corporation Commissioner assures it would be dedicated to fun and fitness and the people will get their share of road space without any tension or hassle. “Come and join the carnival,” is his request to the people of Madurai where “Vandiye Varathu Vandu Vilayadu” is the slogan doing the rounds.

To begin with, Happy Street will come to different areas on the first Sunday of every month beginning tomorrow (April 2). Families and people of all ages can simply get out in the middle of the street to walk, run, jog, dance, bicycle, sing, skate or play. “The idea is to socialise comfortably and safely with elements of entertainment thrown in,” says Sandeep.

Gomathy, who stays in Anna Nagar, says she has heard about the Happy Street in her area on Sunday and would definitely check it out. “It will be like another Chithirai Thiruvizha I think”, she says.

So the stretch between Ambika Theatre and Golcha complex on Anna Nagar Eighty Feet Road is expected to reverberate with sounds of laughter, banter and music in an environment free of vehicle honks and exhaust. The road will perhaps get converted into a mobile entertainment park what with an exciting line up of activities that include fitness dance, zumba, aerobics, yoga, silambattam, live band and game shows by radio jockeys. A host of games including basketball, football, volleyball, jumping ball, badminton, carom, rope pulling, archery, skipping, push-ups, hoola hoops, Frisbee can be enjoyed by the participants who can either be on their own or take help from the coaches available at the venue.

The road will also have stalls by the corporation to disseminate social and environment-friendly messages like plastic ban and healthy eating. People dropping in are free to choose from activities organised by the Corporation to kick start the idea of Happy Street in the city or engage themselves in any manner they wish to.

Basically the whole idea is to usher in an uplifting mood and give people the right to come together on a space that is rightfully theirs. All you need are a pair of feet and a heart that beats for what is good for your city. So bring it on – with a big smile. The result will surely be a delight. ... 750163.ece
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