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All About Madurai's Government Projects , IT Parks and Companies, Industries etc.,
 #12253  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 September 9th, 2015, 12:20 pm
Yes , for them (ADMK & DMK alike) industries and their destination mean only Chennai, its suburbs, Coimabatore, Hosur, Cuddalore or atleast Trichy. Madurai and other Southern districts are meant only to garner votes,,to capture power and to loot the resources indefinitely and then all of which can be wiped out from memory of the public. how oppressed are we under these criminal T.N politicians, bureaucrats and the elites.
 #12256  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 September 11th, 2015, 4:32 pm
As expected , during the recent Investors meet at Chennai , there was too much fanfare about Mdu-tut industrial corridor.JJ's untimely announcement of incentivising investors in south Tamilnadu , at the fag end of her regime ,has no credibility and Madurai is certainly not going to get any benefit at all. and that too, if anything it is only Tuticorin , which is all set to get any industrial ventures / investments, while we Maduraiites can simply watch in shock. why can't the Engineering exports cluster be set up in Madurai / nearby , instead of that Hosur. any way it is Bangalore and Karnataka who reap all the benefits of Hosur's industrial growth and revenue. why does not the successive T.N Governments realise this fact and take corrective measures? while concrete projects and implementation modes were spelt out for Chennai- Kanchipuram, ponneri, vallam-vadakal, chengelpet, sriperumpudur, Hosur and coimbatore industrial clusters, there were vague only vague announcements to south , which can very well be dismissed as slogans for the ensuing assembly elections'2016. so once again we are duped with a "mega -deception'. good, thick "pattai-namam'. let us keep struggling and that is the only way left for us to achieve growth.
 #12281  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 October 10th, 2015, 2:12 pm
Nothing favourable has ever happened into the much touted , ostensibly named "Madurai-Tuticorin industrial corridor' project. whatever little benefits , Tuticorin has derived them all owing to its harbour and its industries located contiguously. it is even cornering more from the other benefactor Madurai and we are to watch this hopelessly. Madurai region should be incentivised and should be converted into a manufacturing hub. Industrial investment should flow here unhindered and Tuticorin should be a transport hub. if the SG and CG withdraw all the sops, tax benefits and whopping incentives , they have provided to industrial enclaves at Hosur, Puducherry , only then industrial growth can be accomplished in and around Madurai. it is unfortunate we are time and again being discriminated , neglected and denied perpetually any oppurtunity of growth.
 #12282  by madurakarenda
 October 10th, 2015, 8:26 pm
SG is not promoting Mdu Tuti corridor in a aggressive fashion and no single step was taken.

If the investors ask what infra is available, what will the SG say? Does Madurai or Tuti have a full fledged international airport? Tuti port is getting congested now, no ready to occupy industrial estate like SIPCOT land is available in the corridor (Chennai on the other hand readily gets SIPCOT lands before one getting 100% occupied), only thing we have is 4 laned NH between Mdu and Tuti, we can't attract much industries with this.

This corridor will remain a dream for another 10 years.
 #12340  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 January 4th, 2016, 10:10 pm
yet again it has been proved beyond doubt that the Madurai-Tuticorin industrial corridor (lo! what a grandiose name!) is anon-starter and no-gainer for Madurai. not a shred of work was ever done. does the sitting m.p of Madurai , have any idea about it? does he propose any plans to execute ? what a wretched fate and scourge befall our Madurai, when it comes to development! even that miniscule yesteryear Karur and Namakkal , surge ahead , while we can only day-dream. will all this ever change.
 #12434  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 April 20th, 2016, 8:58 pm
Madurai has not derived any tangible benefits out of this much touted project. there's a lot of potential in the manufacturing sector if based at Madurai, which has not been tapped yet. its our endeavour that both the CG as well as the SG should start ventures like BHEL to the employment deprived people of Madurai District.
 #13537  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 August 18th, 2017, 10:58 pm
Whenever we the people of Madurai , demand jobs, growth, development in the industries sector , which has been denied to us so long , they ( the Government / authorities ) raise this rhetoric of Madurai-Tuti indusrial corridor. till date it has just been an announcement and not even evolved into a serious proposal. ignorance , lack of awareness , disinterest and uncaring attitude of our public should change. we must have conviction, strong unity, moral courage and a fighting spirit to wage struggles and to achieve. if at all it is only the latter that has benefited a little , while MADURAI district has not gained anything of worth.