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 #12376  by Sundar
 February 11th, 2016, 5:30 pm
With the 2,300-year-old Madurai city not having found a place in the first list of the central government's Smart City Programme, disappointed citizens have urged authorities to work towards rectifying the flaws due to which the city did not qualify.
The Union's Ministry of Urban Development has launched the Smart Cities Mission, the main objective of which is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and application of 'smart' solutions.

As many as 97 cities sent proposals for the programme. These were evaluated by experts from the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the London School of Economics, and the National Institute of Urban Affairs (Delhi). Based on this evaluation, the government recently released the list of 20 cities in the first round. However, only two Tamil Nadu cities - Coimbatore which secured the 13th place and Chennai which secured the 18th place - found a place in the list. Madurai secured the 28th position in list of 97 cities.

"Madurai meets almost all parameters set out in the Smart Cities Mission. Besides, it is a heritage city. Thus not selecting it makes us disappointed," said Tamil Nadu Chamber of Commerce and Industry senior president S Rethinavelu.

He said the authorities should make the documents sent for the Smart Cities Programme public, along with those of Chennai and Coimbatore. "We could go through the three reports and find out the shortcomings," he said.

Madurai ought to have been given preference in the Smart Cities Mission, academician and Madurai Productivity Council secretary C Muthuraja said. "There should be an agenda. That is, the people should have their own agenda for development. Unfortunately, there is a lack of it in Madurai." Besides, in the case of Chennai and Coimbatore, many institutions, including corporates and non-governmental organisations, had shown considerable interest in the mission as it would help them in many ways. But there was no such thing in the case of Madurai, the secretary said.

Meanwhile, it is alleged that Madurai Corporation has not properly carried out some works funded by the central government and due to that the unspent money had to be returned. ... 940540.cms
 #12377  by Sundar
 February 11th, 2016, 5:35 pm
The Swachh Bharat rankings may not have been sweet for major cities in the state like Chennai and Coimbatore, which were ranked 61 and 196 respectively, but for Madurai, which secured the 20th position in the country, it comes as a morale booster. Madurai is also the second city from the state after Trichy, which secured second position among the 476 total cities across the country. While the city civic officials are happy with the performance, they feel that the civic amenities still have a long way to go.

Civic authorities face a mammoth task of rebuilding all the 28 wards which were annexed to the city four years ago. Even as the expansion of the city from 72 wards to 100 wards took place in 2011, the newly-added areas are yet to get the required basic infrastructure. Sorting out drinking water issues and eradication of open defecation by providing better sanitation facilities are some of the challenges the civic body is facing.

At a time when the city is bettering day by day in clearing garbage, all is not well when it comes to dealing with sewage water. Each day, about 600 to 650 tonnes of garbage is collected from the city with the thrust on streets around Meenakshi Amman temple. However, due to issues in pumping water to sewage water treatment plant and incomplete underground drainage works, untreated water is directly let into water bodies like Vaigai river.

The collected garbage is taken to Vellaikkal yard, where processing them into fertilizer is taking place. Corporation commissioner C Kathiravan says, "We are now concentrating on segregating garbage at source level. People are being sensitized in segregating the wastes. Shortly, we are looking forward for the change among the people."

While new toilets are being constructed in the city, the civic body is focusing on converting defunct toilets into user friendly ones. "We are constructing more toilets at a cost of Rs 1 crore. The reasons for some toilets not being used by the public are being studied. They are being reconstructed," Kathiravan said.

City engineer A Mathuram said the corporation is working towards the elimination of open defecation. It would not happen overnight. They have already started working on it on sustainable basis. However, he said the mammoth task is reconstructing the added areas. "We have prepared proposals for several infrastructure projects for added areas at a cost of around Rs 2,000 crore. It includes Rs 618 crore underground drainage system, Rs 444 crore drinking water project and Rs 173 crore solid waste management plan," he said. ... d=14000000
 #12400  by Sundar
 February 26th, 2016, 8:21 pm
Merchants allege irregularities in allotment of shops at fruit market complex in Madurai

A section of fruit merchants in the Madurai said on Friday that irregularities are taking place in the allotment of shops in the fruit market complex, being constructed near Mattuthavani.

There are 300 wholesale and retail fruit shops in the Simmakkal and Yanaikal areas. Since the shops are causing a heavy traffic jam round the clock in those areas, a new fruit market complex is being constructed in 4.86 acres near Mattuthavani at a cost of Rs, 16 crore near Mattuthavani to shift those shops to ease traffic congestion. However, the construction is yet to be completed.

Vaigai Fruit Commission Merchants Welfare Association's representatives met media persons on Friday. According to its secretary Durai Thangapandian two associations - Madurai Pazha Commission Vyabarigal Sangam and Simmakkal Pazhakadai Motha Vyabarigal Sangam -- were allotted shops. The corporation did not allot shops to members of Vaigai Fruit Commission Merchants Welfare Association.

"Besides, as per norms the deposits for 200 sq ft shop, 400 sq ft shop and 800 sq ft shop are Rs, 2 lakh, Rs, 4 lakh and Rs, 7 lakh. But, the two associations demanded bribe in a range between Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs, 3 lakh," said Durai. Pandian.
When asked, the Madurai Pazha Commission Vyabarigal Sangam secretary A Muruganantham denied allegations against the associations.

Madurai Corporation commissioner Sandeep Nanduri who assumed two weeks ago said, "The corporation did not provide any fund for the construction of the complex. The two associations bear the entire cost. Merchants who were not allotted shops could get shops in the next phase." ... 157215.cms

Hope MC will solve this issue asap.
 #12421  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 March 3rd, 2016, 10:38 pm
shifting of fruit wholesalers from yanaikkal and simmakkal areas of the city to the new market complex, will solve a host of problems in Madurai like traffic congestion, waste pile-up, road encroachment, haphazard parking , hawker nuisance etc. it's a welcome more , though too late.
 #12458  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 August 3rd, 2016, 9:55 pm
a deep spell of slumber and inaction is plaguing the Madurai municipal corporation. we observe that new construction activities by the corporation has come to a standstill , no projects are implemented, no other facility is added and even the existing roads, streets, public buildings, bus stands , hospitals , parks , bridges , street lights , sanitary complexes , causeways and every other thing are in a worst, tattered condition. while even the newly formed yesteryear m.c 's like Dindigul and Tanjore are replete with many projects , our Madurai has started lagging behind in most aspects. it is painful, harrowing and outrageous on the part of the present MMC authorities. some kind of vehement civic action should be started to awaken it from the deep slumber. things have gone from bad to worse day by day.
 #12472  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 August 6th, 2016, 7:31 pm
forget new projects , our Madurai city needs re-naming for many areas/ locations. for instance the awfully indecent and foul names of "Mattuthavanai ' bus stand , Konnavayan salai, Muthupatti, Vandi pathai road, within the corporation limits shoukld be shed and replaced with the name of national leaders and movements. will our corporation authorities do this atleast?
 #12501  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 September 2nd, 2016, 10:11 pm
the public of Madurai expect the civilc authorities (cORPORATION) to do its job effectively. most of the main roads in the city like Alagar koil road, gokhale road, panagal road, natham road, old natham road, dd road, all veli streets, theni road, new jail road, anna nagar mani road, melur road, arappalyam road, ptr road, thathaneri main road, race course road, kk nagar 50 feet road, sivagangai road, tpk road, palnganatham road, by pass road and almost all the prominent roads are all invariably potholed, pitted, severely damaged ,dusty, sandy , slushy , heavily encroached, with poor signages and with faulty/ non-working traffic lights. yet the people of Madurai who have epic patience and tolerance , are sincerely hoping that one day the Madurai Corporation awakens from its slumber and inaction and will swing into action , adding more and more facilities and growth. remember Madurai was the city second after "Madras' to be declared a Municipal corporation. we can now only yearn for the past glorious days when we really had efficient, honest, sincere and well meaning officers who led the Madurai corporation like :- Mr Alaudeen, Mr Harmandar singh, Mr Udayachandran, Mr Atul Misra,.... unfortunately we lost all of them due to corrupt politicians who are taking our city to ransom. so it is unfair to blame the public of MADURAI , fro all the woes of Madurai. it is the present SG and CG who are highly critical, discriminatory, unfair , unjust , partial and parochial and who are ready to go to any lenghth to hold back the growth and development of start with our corporation authorities should act in good earnest and fast forward .
 #12606  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 October 21st, 2016, 8:40 pm
Lack of interest , awareness, confidence , foresight, initiative , daring and innovation amongst the public, big businessmen, traders , native industrialists, of our Madurai , is the only reason we are not anything worthwhile commensurate with the stature of city. Money earned here with Madurai as their base , is not being re-invested in other big ventures. It's a pity that non-descript places and unfamiliar towns are thriving with modern multi brand stores, chain of hotels / restaurants, big showrooms , large CBSE schools, our city has not registered a growth befitting it's strength. it should all change and our city too should leap forward.
 #12611  by naveenisaacdaniel
 December 10th, 2016, 1:18 am
A big construction is taking place at uthankudi but don't know what it is! It is always good to see high rise buildings in Madurai
 #12612  by jagadeesh
 December 10th, 2016, 10:01 am
naveenisaacdaniel wrote:A big construction is taking place at uthankudi but don't know what it is! It is always good to see high rise buildings in Madurai

That is preethi hospital extention
 #12701  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 January 19th, 2017, 9:06 pm
strongly oppose bull taming (Jallikattu). there is severe drought , agrarian distress and our farmers and poor artisans are dying in agony. this jallikattu issue is overblown. why don't all these people think with a little sense ? mere emotion and frenzy are not going to do any good. jallikattu is an uncultured, barbaric, violent and absolutely foolish event , bringing death to hapless , uninformed men. there are several other greater causes to fight for and especially people of MADURAI should never get entrapped into the so called "TAMIL Culture" keepers. this foolish , insane jallikattu is a thick conspiracy to keep our Madurai District backward. Madurai District has no big public / private sector industries, no worthy institutes of education, lacks in basic amenities and infrastructure, the multi -speciality AIIMS , the Ring road has become a death road, the multi level Parking proposed in the former central market has been dropped returning the allocated funds under jnnurm...... similarly there numerous burning issues, which need to be addressed. one question that arises is ...... have the so called upkeepers of Tamil culture ever bothered to raise and struggle for these issues concerning our Madurai. if they are hell bent to retain this bloody event , then they may very well conduct this at venues like either Chennai's marina beach, island grounds, ymca gymkhana, or Coimbatore's voc stadium or In Trichy-Bharathidasan univ grounds with pleasure. but let them please spare this poor, suppressed Madurai District's venues. one should think twice before acting once.long live good, glorious , Madurai.
 #12702  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 January 19th, 2017, 9:09 pm
ban jallikatu forever in Alanganallur and all of Madurai District. we don't need it here anymore, which is pulling us back to dark ages and barbarity.
 #12704  by Sundar
 January 20th, 2017, 7:32 am
M.Mohamed Rafi wrote:ban jallikatu forever in Alanganallur and all of Madurai District. we don't need it here anymore, which is pulling us back to dark ages and barbarity.
In my opinion, following traditional things wouldn't stop growth of any place.
 #12706  by M.Mohamed Rafi
 January 20th, 2017, 10:06 pm
There are far better, nobler and greater causes to fight for than bull taming.
 #12708  by Sundar
 January 25th, 2017, 10:47 am
^^ I agree. But what I mean is bringing Jallikattu wouldn't prevent growth of Madurai.
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